Dear Roma and friends

Today, when we celebrate 47 years from the day of establishing the foundations of the identity of Roma on an international level, and at the same time the official declaration of the Roma flag and anthem, I feel the need to present my views and at the same time the views of our organization the IRU which is the initiator and the main a protagonist to mark this important day for the Roma nation around the world, where very often other Roma organizations, intellectuals, Romani political parties deliberately or ignorantly avoid the fact of the significant contribution of our organization, the International Romani Union -IRU.

The international Conference of the Roma Woman, IRU - Women's Lobby was held in Stockholm, Sweden on the 22nd of March this year. The conference was held in the Skandin Hotel in Tjobi.

The goal of the conference is to raise the Roma women's issue within the frames of the IRU and also on a wider level.

The following people had speeches: Rosita Gronfors, Ann-Margrethe Livh, Miranda Vuolasranta , Sissela Nordling Blanco, Angelina DimiterTaikon, Diana Nyman, Mia Taikon, Sunita Memetovic, Barvul Sonja, Kristinela, Domino Kai and etc.

The UN has announced that subject to confirmation next month, the Internatiomal Romani Union is to be re-enstated to membership of ECOSOC. This return to activity at the UN represents an important aspect of the Union's ongoing revival and expansion since the 10th World Roma Congress in 2016.

Within a few short years of its orginal elevation in 1979 the IRU lost its place on the rosta. The intention now is to create a representative team in New York able to press forward at every opportunity with issues relevant to our communities and the destiny of the Roma Nation.

Dear Delegates and members of the IRU, Brothers and Sisters!


It is my great honor as the President of the IRU to inform you about a very important situation for u8s as the IRU. Actually, since the very beginning of our functioning after the Congress of the IRU in March 2016 in Skopje, the dedication to regulate the obligations and tasks with several international institutions all over Europe and the world is slowly but certainly bringing results.


One of our goals as a part of the plan and program of the functioning of the IRU was to regulate the relations and functioning of the IRU in the activities and work of the EVZ Foundation in Berlin, Germany.

After several years of misunderstanding on both sides of the IRUs, on the one hand, IRU -Vienna, whose president is Zoran Dimov, and IRU - Latvia, whose president is Nortmunds Rudevics, is ending.

Within the past activities for meeting and reconciliation, which took place on the 23 of January 2018 in Berlin - Germany in the premises of the EVZ Foundation, a meeting was held between the two parties. At that meeting, besides the presidents of the two IRU, Dimov and Rudevics were present also Ivan Bariev from Russia, Gruia Bumbu from Romania, Vasily Dragoy from Moldova, Roman Choynacki from Poland, as well as two lawyers Dr Frank Reinhagen from Germany and Barry Fischer from the USA.