1st October 2016 in Stockholm the IRU will hold a meeting with all of the heads of the IRU Commissions. Also at the same meeting the strategies of each Commission will be presented specifically designated by the Heads. This meeting was initiated by the Chief of All of the Commissions Rosita Gronfors from Sweden and the President of the IRU Zoran Dimov.

Today in France, Strasbourg the Assembly of the Network of International Romani Women Organization known as IRWN - Phenjalipe is in session.

This meeting is participated all relevant organizations, associations and lobby groups which work in the field for the Rights of the Romani woman on international level. 

Within the activities the President of the IRU Zoran Dimov visited the Embassy of the Islamic State of Iran where he had a friendly meeting with the Ambassador Mr. Said Sadet Mohammadi.  During the meeting Mr. Dimov informed his host about the activities and plans which the IRU is making as the biggest international Romani organization. He was also interested about the state of the Roma which live in Iran for many centuries. 

As it was announced the Traditional Romani Court was in session on the 18th of September on Sunday starting from 13:00 in a direct Video Conference and the hearing process of the 13 called individual was under way where they were supposed to give their statements and facts regarding the accusations of abusing their functions and positions and the possible financial frauds in the name of the IRU. 

It is sad when some so called. "Big Roma patriots and activists" instead of getting down to work all day sitting in front of social networks and only with no arguments in the most pitiful way seek to heal their personal or collective complexes, while trying to "self-promote" because that's the only way they could be spotted. 

Their working style is purely "parasitic" without any result. Recognizing that they are "invisible" in their activities (invisible because they don't do any work), wanting to self-promote themselves are "striking" without any objective evidence just to be heard.