Population celebration of the 74th anniversary of the day when about 3,000 Roma were liquidated on the night between August 2 and 3 in the Auschwitz camp, the International Roma Union - IRU accentuates this moment. 

Among other things, in their announcement by President Zoran Dimov, it is said that after 74 years, the Roma nation remains a "silent Holocaust" by some countries in the world. It is necessary that IRU always with its membership and together with all other Roma and non-Roma organizations, state and international institutions, make efforts to eliminate in every segment, the negative context for the Roma from all aspects. 

Lately, on the social networks with his, nebuloses, lies and fabrications, a person named Rocco Petalo appears, representing himself as an "important factor" among the Roma nation and making a famous "life inclusion" and his "spectacular crap" slows the FB audience . First and foremost, he does not have any evidence, facts or arguments, or any close touch with his pain called "International Roma Union - IRU". According to his background, we can see that he wants to be exposed and presented in some lights to an influential and significant figure for the Roma nation, but unfortunately only a "clown" is playing,and no one is stoping him from acting that way but let it be on your own back.

Your Excellency Mrs Natalia Galibarenko, 

Following upon the notice delivered to the Government of Ukraine by Mr Zoran Dimov, President of the International Romani Union, over the two recent  murders of Roma in Ukraine, we add here a further  message. 

Before coming to deliver our protest at the Embassy,  we feel it proper to allow time for the investigations in Berehovo and Lviv to proceeds further, there being  news in the media of arrests following these appalling killings. 

Dear Roma activists, the intellectual power of the Roma nation, all over the world,

Dear young Roma, dear brothers and sisters!

Starting from the fact that we Roma and the Roma nation in our past life, our status, our culture, tradition and historical roots, have always made efforts to raise the Roma issue at the highest level. It involves fighting for our identity, name, dignified, social, economic and other way of functioning.

That struggle of our existence never ended, but on the contrary, it always existed and will exist.     Our task is to eliminate all those shortcomings and injustices systemically and institutionally or minimize them as much as possible.

Respected Excellency, 

At the beginning of this Protest Note, I would like to greet you in the name of the International Romani Union and on my behalf as the president. 

The purpose of this Protest Note in the name of IRU is to the recent happenings and murder of the 24 year old Roma, resident of the Transcarpatia Region, where four other people were injured: 10 year old boy, two 19 year old boys as well as a 30 year old woman, all Roma, residents of an illegal Roma settlement.  The incident happened between the 23rd  and 24th of June,midnight, when a group of young man aged 16-17, organised by a 20 year old, attacked the settlement in the city of Lavov.