As it was previously reported that the International Roma Union - IRU, whose president is Zoran Dimov, has received ECOSOC associate status in the United Nations. 

In order to continue the activities of IRU and the cooperation with the UN and the offices in New York, Geneva and Vienna, IRO opens its offices in those cities composed of members of IRU delegates. In all these offices, seven IRU members are appointed to participate in events organized by the UN. 

The weekend from 01-03 September 2018 in Helsingborg, Sweden was held the regular parliamentary IRU session. In the presence of over 45 members and delegates from the IRU from 26 countries on the first day of the IRU, the Parliament began introducing the Swedish national anthem and the Roma anthem. 

Then, they were given equal respect for the Roma who lost their lives as well as minutes separated for prayers both by the members of the Christian and Catholic faiths and by the Muslim confession with a desire for health, respect and successful work. 

As part of the planned activities of IRU in the second half of 2018, it is also the holding of a regular parliamentary meeting of the IRU delegates.

This time the second parliamentary session in 2018 will be held from 1 to 3 September this year in Sweden-Helsingborg.   This time the organization is holding the current IRU Parliamentary Vice-President Stefano Kuzitsov holding this Parliamentary session. 

Susan Kim - WCC: Can you describe a little bit of the history between the IRU and the WCC during the 1970s? 

Zoran Dimov - IRU President:  The importance of this mutual collaboration between the IRU and the World Council of Churches - Geneva is composed of the fact that many times before they made a huge contribution to the development of the movement and activities when it comes to the Roma as people.

From 19 to 21 August, following the invitation of the Council of World Churches - (WCC), whose headquarters are in Geneva, a meeting was held with representatives of the International Roma Union - IRU and senior representatives of the WCC.

The IRU delegation was led by President Zoran Dimov accompanied by Lars Demeter of Sweden, Thomas Acton and Martin Burel of the UK.