На 27 октомври годинава во Брисел  се одржа финалната конференција прганизирана од страна на ЕК . На оваа конференција свое учество во име на ИРУ зема и делегатот од Белгија Имер Кајтази кој воедно е претседател на НВО „Романо Џивдипа„ Романо Културно Центро. Покрај него според неговиот извештај свое учество земаа и високи членови од ЕК, НВО сектор, волонтери, локални и национални институции кои работат на проектот финансиран од Европската Комисија.

On the 18th of October in a local cafe - pizzeria in the Czech city Zatec a 27 year old Roma man from Zatec was brutally beaten and murdered. According to current information, there are lots of flaws in the investigational procedures regarding this case. That is why the IRU and its President Zoran Dimov sent a letter- reaction to the Embassy of the Czech Republic in Skopje.  

At the start of this week in Bratislava, Slovakia a Conference was held which was dedicated for the active role of the Youth Roma Capacity within the actions of the EU and out of it. 

Among the large number of participants at this Conference was the International Romani Union - IRU with their representatives. Also the President of the IRU Zoran Dimov was present there, where besides participating at the Conference he also had meetings, conversations for further collaboration as well as exchange of experiences. 

During the Conference Zoran Dimov realized meetings with: Stanislav Stech - Deputy Minister for Youth and Sport in the Czech Republic, Zorko Skvor - Slovakian Minister for Youth and Education, Jan Richter - Slovakian Minister for Social, Lina Papamichalopoulou from the Office for Justice from the European Commission and Valeri Nicolai - Representative from the General Secretariat for the Roma in the Council of Europe. 

This weekend in Stockholm, Sweden the International Romani Union - IRU held a meeting with the appointed Heads of the 10 IRU Commissions and also the Heads which lead the three Programs (Democratic Transition, Kris and the Women IRU Lobby).

During the meeting which was held in the Hotel „Scandic Victoria Tovel„ in Stockholm, all of the Heads of the Commissions presented their Strategies and Programs for the period which comes.

Yesterday within the Conference „Plan for inclusion of the Roma in Sweden 2017-2020” which was held in Stockholm, the members of the IRU were present during that Conference besides the other representatives of the Romani NGO Sector from Sweden, the members from the IRU were the President of the IRU Zoran Dimov, the Chief of all Commissions of the IRU from Sweden  Rosita Gronfors, the Vice President of the IRU Stefan Kuzhicov, the Head of the Commission for Education, Language and Science Ajten Berlafa, the Head of the IRU Kris Gregor Julson.