Today within the current activities of the President of the IRU, Zoran Dimov after an invitation from the Ambassador of Italy in the Republic of Macedonia held a meeting with his Excellency Mr. Carlo Romeo.

During their meeting they mainly discussed the current condition of the Roma in Italy, and also the unfortunate event which took place on the 10th of May this year where in one Roma camp in a suburb in Rome, an arson attack took place which took the lives of 3 Roma girls aged 4,8,20. In that context, the IRU has sent a letter in a form of a reaction to the Italian Embassy last week. According to the investigation of the Italian authorities, the information state that it's an deliberately set fire from one or several persons, and that they are still trying to find out the true motives of this murder. Also, the Ambassador stated that the President of Italy Mr. Sergio Mattarela and the Pope Francis have given their opinion of this horrendous attack, the Pope also offered to help those who were damaged by this attack.

The final decision of the IRU Kris and its team has made on Tuesday on the 24th of January - 2017. 

The Document - Decision

Everything is ready for IRU Chris trial Dorin Cioaba Romania. The process will run recognized and prominent Roma krisari that led similar processes in Russia, Ukraine, Romania, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Austria, Poland and Hungary. The head of the IRU Chris will be Gergor Ulysse Sweden. krisari six other Roma who come from the aforementioned countries.

Potegnat process is based on violations of IRU statute and code. 

Among other things there will be acts of counterfeit registration by Dorin Coaba, irregular and private open account named IRU, embezzlement of financial resources and forging documents.

May I introduce Nin, the systems architect who is working behind the scenes with the IRU to perfect a computer model for use in the Democratic Transition; essentially an Electronic Voting platform for the Romani movement.

A systems architect defines and refines the design, using all the software and hardware available, to produce a humanly functional and aesthetically pleasing product. That's the job description.

After months of dedication, working with almost no backup, Nin has now completed this task to a level where it will be possible to build a data bank of Roma - Roma activists.