It definitely happened. The oldest and the biggest world Roma organization - the International Romani Union - IRU is a part of the United Nations. Officially this statute of the IRU is confirmed by the office of the UN, which in a written form informed the presidency of the IRU that they are awarded the ECOSOC status of a member in the UN. From the Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) at the meeting of coordination and management which was held in April in 2018 adopted the recommendation of the Committee and granted the Special Consultative Status. The decision is made in accordance with the Resolution 1996/31 of the ECOSOC. 

As it was previously announced, Pula, Croatia was the location of the 4th Parliamentary Session of the IRU, the session was held from 25-27 of May and was attended by over 37 delegates from 22 countries, the session was also attended by high officials from the Croatian state institutions as well as from the Roma NGO sector in Croatia. 

The event was held in hotel "Brioni". During the event, among the other discussions, such as taking activities to improve the situation of the Roma nation on a global level, as well as the positive examples which are implemented by several countries when it comes to finding solutions for the Roma problems, besides the positive examples from Denmark, Norway, Australia, Sweden or Finland, they also presented the problems and lack of solutions for the Roma from the other countries, highlighting the Roma from the Western Balkan countries. 

The International Romani Union - IRU in its Statute foresees equality among religions. In that context, during the last Parliamentary Session of the IRU in Pula, Croatia, all of the present delegates made a very important decision.

They made a decision to form an IRU Commission for Religion and Relations.

In that context all of the IRU Delegates agreed that this Commission should have a task to bring together all of the people, no matter their religious belonging. 

That is why Mr. Lars Demeter from Sweden was appointed as head of the Commission. 

According to the plan and dynamic of the activities of the IRU, the first Parliamentary session for 2018 will be held from the 25th to the 27th of May in Pula, Croatia.

During the Parliamentary Session, besides the attendance of the delegates of the IRU from over 30 countries, which according to announcements, besides the discussions regarding the situation of the Roma in their countries, there will be discussions of internal interests of the IRU in several segments.

Also, it is important to note that the Parliamentary Session of the IRU will be attended by several Governmental and Institutional representatives from Croatia, such as the Vice President of the Croatian Government Mr. Furio Radin, Alen Tahiri - Office for Human Rights and Rights of the national minorities from the Government of Croatia, a Representative from the Istar Zhupanika, Valter Flego, and the Mayor of the City of Pula, Mr. Boris Miletic. 

Поповод смртта на истакнатиот ромски активист, поранешен ромски пратеник во косовскиот Парламент, новинар и поет Кујтим Пачаку, Зоран Димов како претседател и во името на Интернационалната Ромска Унија ИРУ  испрати телегарама и соопштение каде се изразува сочувство на најблиските на Пачаку.

„ Длабоко сме потресени и изразуваме најдлабоко сочувство до најблиските на Пачаку. Сакаме да ја изразиме нашата тага , дека не само најблиските туку со смртта на Пачаку изгуби многу и целиот Ромски народ, како од Балканот, така и пошироко.