Dear Delegates and members of the IRU, Brothers and Sisters!


It is my great honor as the President of the IRU to inform you about a very important situation for u8s as the IRU. Actually, since the very beginning of our functioning after the Congress of the IRU in March 2016 in Skopje, the dedication to regulate the obligations and tasks with several international institutions all over Europe and the world is slowly but certainly bringing results.


One of our goals as a part of the plan and program of the functioning of the IRU was to regulate the relations and functioning of the IRU in the activities and work of the EVZ Foundation in Berlin, Germany.

After several years of misunderstanding on both sides of the IRUs, on the one hand, IRU -Vienna, whose president is Zoran Dimov, and IRU - Latvia, whose president is Nortmunds Rudevics, is ending.

Within the past activities for meeting and reconciliation, which took place on the 23 of January 2018 in Berlin - Germany in the premises of the EVZ Foundation, a meeting was held between the two parties. At that meeting, besides the presidents of the two IRU, Dimov and Rudevics were present also Ivan Bariev from Russia, Gruia Bumbu from Romania, Vasily Dragoy from Moldova, Roman Choynacki from Poland, as well as two lawyers Dr Frank Reinhagen from Germany and Barry Fischer from the USA.

Changing the new composition of the Presidency of the IRU headed for a year and a half is Zoran Dimov and the participation of the Assembly of ERTF in Strasbourg confirmed the new status of the oldest and respectable World Roma Organization, the last day of the meeting the decision was made to forming Executive Committee ERTF, who will be one of the important pillars of the Council of Europe in Strasbourg to address Roma issues, gypsism and emigration.

This directly ERTF and all its affiliated organizations give importance to that IRU work openly, transparently and firmly in addressing all the core issues related to the Roma population.

Among other things, the Committee Chair of the ERTF Vuolsantra Miranda, President of the IRU Zoran Dimov, and among other Asmet Elezovski from NRC Lars Demetri MP from the PCER Samka Ibraimovski, Rutko Kawczinsky and others.


As part of the activities of the International Romani Union - IRU in relation to meetings and holding a meeting of the members, delegates and the Office of the IRU in the coming period which will discuss the vital plans and programs in the period to stand Zoran Dimov as president IRU will visit with some of the IRU members from Serbia.

The meeting will be held in Belgrade, where he will coordinate all necessary activities related to the meetings that lie ahead.

At the same time these days despite Serbia Dimov has scheduled meetings and meetings with other members of IRU such as Hungary and Slovakia.

These meetings will be held from 8 to 10 June.

Today held IRU Video conference attended by most of the delegates from around the world.

Delegates attended from America, Sweden, India, France, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Hungary, Austria, England, Serbia, Macedonia, Finland, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Poland, Switzerland and Romania.