For better coordination and activities related to the work of the International Roma Union - IRU, and better coordination with members of IRU from the Russian Federation, the office in Moscow is officially opened day after day.   

This significant act for IRU was marked by the IRU President Zoran Dimov, as well as IRU member Anatoly Butakov.   

As both of them informed, this is another step forward in the operation of IRU around the world.   

Otherwise, the IRU office in Moscow, whose boss is Anatoly Butakov, will have the task, except for members of IRU from Russia to have coordination and work with other countries from the region such as Georgia, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Armenia, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan and other former states of ex Soviet Union.   

In this way, IRU's commitment to the presence of delegates from all regions of the world and to a higher resolution of all priority issues when it comes to the Roma nation everywhere is strengthened.



After receiving the ECOSOC status of IRU at the UN, and within the framework of further cooperation and activities, the meeting with the heads of the UN had the President of IRA Zoran Dimov. 

The meeting took place at the UN headquarters in Vienna. They discussed on the status and status of Roma that are part of the UN plan. Zoran Dimov familiarized them with the guidelines for securing and raising the Roma issue on a global scale. 

During the UN-Vienna meeting, she also learned that parallel activities are being conducted in the other two offices that the IRU has for co-operation with the UN in New York and Geneva. 

Before it is held the previous World Conference of Churches, he sent an invitation to the IRU to participate in the Vatican with his own representative.

IRU, at its last parliamentary meeting in Helsingborg, Sweden, decided to appoint a IRU representative to appoint the IRU Committee on Religion and Relations, Mr. Lars Demeter.

As it was previously reported that the International Roma Union - IRU, whose president is Zoran Dimov, has received ECOSOC associate status in the United Nations. 

In order to continue the activities of IRU and the cooperation with the UN and the offices in New York, Geneva and Vienna, IRO opens its offices in those cities composed of members of IRU delegates. In all these offices, seven IRU members are appointed to participate in events organized by the UN. 

The weekend from 01-03 September 2018 in Helsingborg, Sweden was held the regular parliamentary IRU session. In the presence of over 45 members and delegates from the IRU from 26 countries on the first day of the IRU, the Parliament began introducing the Swedish national anthem and the Roma anthem. 

Then, they were given equal respect for the Roma who lost their lives as well as minutes separated for prayers both by the members of the Christian and Catholic faiths and by the Muslim confession with a desire for health, respect and successful work.