18-20 March 2016 in Skopje, Macedonia. Was attended by 100 delegates and members of the IRU from 40 countries, Zoran Dimov was elected to be the President of the IRU. After that a new leadership of the IRU Parliament chaired by Steve Balogh of Austria was elected. They also adopted several declarations including one of the important Declarations on Democratic Transition - electronic voting and establishing a Committee for Democratic Transition, whose Chairman is Mr. Grattan Puxon from the UK, who is also the First Secretary General of IRU elected in London in 1971.

 June 2014 in Sibiu, Romania after the death of the previous president of the IRU Florin Cioaba, in the presence of a large number of delegates from over 30 countries, Dorin Cioaba from Romania was elected to be the new President, while as Zoran Dimov from Macedonia was elected to be the first prime minister of the IRU.

April 2013 in Sibiu, Romania attended by 250 delegates from 34 countries, the newly elected President was Dorin Cioaba from Romania.

October 2008 Zagreb - Croatia, attended by over 300 delegates from 28 countries announced an action plan for the Roma nation, institutional representation for Roma.