8th and 9th October 2004 in Lancia-Italy. Attended by over 200 delegates from 39 countries, and as the new President of the IRU is selected Stanislav Stankijevich Poland, while as the new president of the IRU Parliament Dragan Jevremovikj Austria was elected. A Committee to protect the rights of families, women and children.

July, 1990 in Prague - Czech Republic. Emil Sczuka was elected as the President of the IRU. Also the Declaration emerged at the Congress that the Roma are an outside territorial nation.

1990 in Poland Serock, with the presence of 250 delegates. Topics for discussion were the payments of compensation to Roma victims during the period of the National Socialism - World War II, then discussed about the education, culture and language. Also officially April 8 was declared as the International Roma Day, commemorating the date when it held the first World Congress in 1971.

May 1981 in Gottingen-Germany, presence of 600 delegates from 28 countries. Conclusion is that Romani people with Indian origin. Also the chapter theme was Porajmos.