In the Preamble of the IRU Statute the mutual goals and ideas of the Roma Nation are expressed who's representatives are actually present them and that is why the International Romani Union - IRU is formed. We as representatives of the Roma people make efforts to protect the Roma population and our future generations from all negative occurrences in the past, in the present and in the future, in all forms of discrimination, hate speech, segregation, intolerance, violence, genocide, and at the same time we are deeply believe in respect of the human fundamental rights, equality between all genders, creation of favorable climate for respect of the rights, respect of the basic democratic principles of freedom, and the life standard, as well as the elimination of all of the irregularities, in collaboration with the international institutions which are obliged for that. The mission and the obligations are:

  • To expand the horizons for the preservation of the Roma culture, tradition, customs and language. 
  • Respect of the basic human rights and freedoms, and respect of all of the obligations which come after the signature of all contracts from international character
  • To retain the peace and the stability in the world
  • To develop friendly relationships between the nations based on respect, and equal rights between the nations.
  • Development to solve the problems from economic, social, cultural and humane aspect regarding the Roma
  • To strengthen the support for equal rights, bases of the freedom, regardless the color, race, gender, language and religion