With the conclusions and made declarations of the 10th Congress of the IRU in Skopje, one of the key priorities in the period which follows is the so called Democratic Transition. In the frame of this project for its realization, at the 10th IRU Congress a Committee for Democratic Transition was formed whose chairman is Mr. Grattan Puxon from Great Britain. He and the other nine members of the Committee have the task to implement the Electronic Voting in the future Composition of the IRU in 2020. With the implementation of the Democratic Transition - Electronic Voting, progress will be made in the democratic ambient in the IRU, where with this type of voting the next elected composition of the IRU will have a broader and a more valid mandate. 

Also the IRU stands to fight and to stop the increasing wave of the anti-roma mood, to realize the basic rights of every human and the dignity and value of the human serves as the greatest democratic right, this is for every member of the Roma nation all around the world, implementation of the ON Charter and the decisions of every other European and World international organizations which promote goals and plans for greater advancement of the Roma nation in all integrative processes through appreciation of all of our specialties and  specifics such as the language, culture, religion and in all of the remaining relevant factors.