During the Conference all Heads of the Commissions presented their strategies for every Commission respectably. During the exhausting report from all present heads and deputies of the Commissions, where all of them presented their Strategy and plan in the period which comes. In the detailed individual report each head has a deputy of the strategy mentions the intention towards which every strategy will strive. 

Gregor Larlund gave his explanation of the way of working of the Program of the Traditional IRU Kris as an report. Also he mentioned that the connection between the Commission of Justice is close. Agush Demirovski as a Head of the Commission for Justice amongst other in his Strategy promoted the part where he has intentions to appoint a Romani Ombudsman. 

Ramush Muarem, Head of the Commission for Communication and Media presented his program and the importance of that which form of communication and media campaign which the IRU should be directed towards. 

Monika Corovic, in the name of the Head of the Commission for Interventions Stevan Radul Balog, presented the Strategy and also mentioned that there's a need of coordination with all members and delegates of the IRU throughout the world, because of the sensibility of this Commission and its mobile activity. 

Jasmina Ahmetaj presented her Strategy for Culture and made a short overview on that on which fields the Strategy will be directed in the period which comes. 

Phien O'Reachtigan - Commission for Human Rights, also during his speech he highlighted the points on which this Commission should work on, and mentioned that depending on the conditions of this strategy could be upgraded and add. 

Ajten Berlafa as the Head of the Commission for Education, highlighted the segment of this field, where there's lots of work to be done, effort and coordination so that the IRU and the Commission could achieve the desired results. 

Gerard Linder as the Head of the Commission for Youth and Sport, took all points which are closely related with the activities and mentioned for greater attention and affirmation of the young as well as the Romani sport and athletes on international, national and local level. 

Khurram Khan from the Commission for Finances and Budget presented the Strategy as well as the plans on which way the IRU in the future will be a financially and economically stable organization. Grattan Puxon with his Program for the Democratic Transition noted the three phases for better implementation and realization of the same activities regarding the Democratic Transition. 

Her Sublimate and review was given by the Chief of all Commissions Rosita Gronfors which also presented the Program for the Romani Women, also, the President of the IRU and the Head of the Holocaust Commission Mr. Zoran Dimov gave his review. At the end of this Video Conference everyone came to a conclusion that this type of communication and meetings is much more efficient, where they could achieve everything which they planned and with this type of communication amongst the members of the IRU, also is more economically affordable. Still it was concluded that at the next Video Conference which should be held on 11.09.2016 - Sunday, will discuss the Future meeting of the Heads of Commissions which should be held on the 29th and 30th of September this year in Stockholm Sweden. The Video Conference was closed around 14:00.