The protest note - Reaction, is a kind of expressed concern regarding the xenophobia, intolerance, discrimination and the national hostility towards the Roma population, which recently happened by Angel Kalev, your citizen from the village of Ovchepolci - Pazardzik, caused by nothing, and obviously only by racial intolerance and national hatred, brutally and inhumanely physically and mentally abused a 17 year old Roma boy who is also a fellow citizen from the same place. On the video which was recorded personally by Angel Kalev was posted on social media, it could be seen and heard all which Angel has done to the boy, despite the physical attack, he insults him on national basis.

The IRU strongly reacts to these individual outbursts, but also seeks strong sentence and reaction from your country and to conduct a thorough investigation, and conduction of justice against the perpetrator of this heinous act. A sentence and taking legal and other instruments by the Republic of Bulgaria, would represent a way of distancing and sentencing of these acts, because it's a fact that in Bulgaria there are somewhere between 800.000 Roma, and also it would represent a direct breaking of the basic human rights in the country which is a member of the EU.

Once again we appeal for a direct sentence and an announcement for a sentence from your side regarding this act, in order to prevent the impression, that every silence and the refusal of reaction is equal to approval!


Skopje                                                                                                                               Sincerely yours

20. April 2016                                                                                                                      Zoran Dimov

President of the 

International Roma Union - IRU