All this leads to an open and racial intolerance against the Roma population in Bulgaria. Someone wants to turn a criminal showdown into a global picture of Roma in Bulgaria. It shows that citizens act to Bulgaria are not inclined toward their fellow citizens who are of Roma nationality. A fast and an effective reaction from the state is needed, also actions from the NGO Roma sector in this country are needed, as well as the Roma political subject, who unfortunately shows more activity when there are projects from European funds for the improvement of the Roma status, and in these moments they are somehow inactive. Also there is an appeal for the Bulgarian Media, who don't treat these conditions truly and adequately, instead they contribute for the open logistics for the Nationalistic partners which are a part of the Government. 

The open calls for lynching are a worrying message. This „collective madness„ must stop, and also the EU and the institutions need to take serious measures, because this can grow into a massive clash between the two nationalities. 

IRU in its frames of activities and battles against the anti-gypsysm, will react institutionally to all of the international factors, in regards with the recent events in Radnevo, and also will react openly to the Bulgarian Government, that their actions don't contributes to calm these tensions, but rather have the impression, as if to "collect more political points" with its anti Roma policy, which is more frequent precisely in periods of some of its campaigns. This types of campaigns are a two-edged sword.