Maybe he has money and he has no other way to spend it so this way he gets loose. But IRU has a few things to recommend, and these are: "Mr. Rocco Petalo, you do not have any absolute right to place ultimatums and to seek liability from IRU, because you are neither a member and not in any way related to the work of IRU. That's why IRU does not even need or feel the need to be truthful and replicate to you, because you are nobody and nothing for IRU. You do not have neither credibility not capacity, and you are not an important factor for IRU to replay to you. On the other hand, because of your previous pronounced lies, nebuloses and unjustified and unargumentary allegations, for all of your previous posts, as well as an announcement that you can possibly do in the future, a procedure will be initiated against you, both by the IRU crisis, by seeking the highest drastic punishment against you, and at the same time instigating an institutional and civil litigation in the highest international courts in Europe "states the information provided to the public by the International Roma Union - IRU and its president Zoran Dimov