This activity is very difficult and long-lasting in all segments. It is therefore necessary to organize and act. This is a task and a mission of all Roma organizations all over the world.

Following these rates goes the oldest and largest international organization - the International Roma Union - IRU. That struggle and activity has always been and will be. It is also in the Status of IRU itself! 

Therefore, the current composition of IRU makes efforts, strategies and plans within those fields.

We accomplish some of those tasks and missions with persistent work. This is actually the fact that with our membership in several international institutions we can enter with active engagement to propose, solve and make decisions that are of a great importance for the entire Roma nation in the world. Really say, IRU can reach anywhere and in all fields is not always a "possible mission". It does not depend only on IRU. It depends on the external conditions, possibilities and at the same time the institutional capacities of IRU. 

It involves a connection with IRU and its active participation in UN joint work on the granted ECOSOC status from the UN and offices in New York, Vienna and Geneva.

Participation in the work and decision-making in Brussels and the EU, in the Council of Europe in Strasbourg, in the European Commission. Participation in the work of the Board of Trustees in Berlin at the EHR Foundation. Participation and equal participation in the OSCE - ODIHR, UNICEF as well as in activities around the world in Asia, Africa, America and Australia.

From that aspect and on the eve of the next 11th IRU Congress in August 2019, the IRU sends a call to all Roma activists, volunteers, professionals in its activities from all over the world, who feel that it can help The Roma nation all over the world, and the future plans and strategies of IRU.

Therefore, all of you who are interested in Roma activists, volunteers, the intellectual power of the Roma nation, young Roma, respected brothers and sisters all over the world!

Please feel free to send:

- Your CV

- Past engagements and professional experiences and in which field you can penetrate, jointly in cooperation with IRU.

- A brief motivation letter

- In which field or fields you can most successfully contribute and in which way you can evaluate it all.

IRU doors are wide open for all good ideas for cooperation and joint action.

Therefore, IRU expects all your ideas, suggestions and ways of cooperation, and at the same time this call can be forwarded and extended to all parts of the world where there are such Roma capacities at the following email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.; This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

With utmost respect for all of you in the name of all members, delegates and simpatists of the International Roma Union - IRU and its president - Zoran Dimov.