This is stated in the police report:  

We, as a world organization, we have 50 delegates from over 40 countries throughout  the world, we are reacting to this attack on the Roma nation which, unfortunately, is not the first time. A similar attack also occurred on April 27th this year, when similar attack happened in the Roma settlements, which luckily ended without human casualties. These incipient phenomena are tantalizing and remain that they are organized by the so-called. neo-Nazi groups and groups directly against the Roma and openly showing their anti-Roma sentiment.  

These acts that are unequivocally addressed to the poorest vulnerable nation. The Roma can define this as very dangerous because it brings back "old ghosts from the past" such as the Holocaust.   

In addition, we note that the IRU has its own associated status as an organization with its registration in the UN and ECOSOS registration in New York, Vienna and Geneva.


That is why we ask of you to transfer our concern and reaction to the Government of the Republic of Ukraine, so that all these happenings can be resolved via the judicial system in a transparent manner and until its end without any limitations to secure protective measures toward the most vulnerable category, the Roma. We also appeal that the toughest and rigorous penalties to those that take such actions, as well as the state to assume greater responsibility so that these incidents will not be repeated.



With respect

Zoran Dimov

President of the International Romani Union - IRU