We as IRU, an International organization with more than 50 delegates from more than 40 countries throughout the world, are reacting to oppose this flagrant violation of the human rights that is directed towards a nation that is one of the most marginalized and most discriminated in the world - The Roma nation.

These statements and views taken by the ruling structure in Italy, that are addressed to the poorest, most vulnerable nation - can be defined by the Roma as very dangerous because it brings back "old ghosts from the past" such as the Holocaust.   

Therefore, we as IRU, are urging you to appeal to these decisions to be reconsidered and withdrawn, because besides the danger of the taken actions, they will cause serious restriction of freedom of movement and gross violation of human rights.

In addition, we note that the IRU has its own associated status as an organization with its registration in UN and ECOSOS registration in New York, Vienna and Geneva.

In the end, we can also conclude that the subsequent statements related to the proposed actions by the Italian Government towards the Roma, that they are only intended to "help" the Roma (statement given by the deputy secretary in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Italy, Mr. Giulielmo Pichi), a statement that is hypocritical and ambiguous.

Therefore, we ask from you, our concern and the reaction, to be transferred to the Government of the Republic of Italy, and again, ask for reconsideration of all proposed and eventually taken actions toward the Roma in Italy.


With respect,

Zoran Dimov

President of the International Romani Union IRU