Accordingly, the UN informs the IRU that it will be able to actively join the UN and ECOSOC and its subsidiary bodies, as well as with the United Nations Secretariat, programs, funds and agencies in many ways. At the same time, the document from UN to IRU, among other things, states unequivocally:

"Your status now gives you the right to appoint officials to the UN seat in New York and the offices of the United Nations in Geneva and Vienna.

Your representatives will be able to register and participate in events, conferences and activities of the United Nations, and organizations in general and special consultative status may appoint authorized representatives to sit as observers at public meetings of ECOSOC and its subsidiary bodies, the General Assembly, the Council human rights and other United Nations intergovernmental decision-making bodies. "

According to this it turned out that this IRU, whose president is Zoran Dimov, closed the chapter about who the real IRU is and whose legitimacy is valid.

This is a point on this topic, if it is known that Zoran Dimov and his membership in IRU are recognized by the EU about its institutions and their office in Brussels, simultaneously IRU is in the Council of Europe, in the EJZ Foundation , and many other international institutions. With membership in the UN, all of this is a huge success not only for IRU as an organization, but also success for the entire Roma nation around the world. At the same time, the credibility of this IRU is defined, in return for all the hundreds of "quasi-presidents and delegates of some other "phantom IRU" where on its behalf they represent its various "presidents, functionaries or members" who abuse the name of IRU.

In general, if the status of the Roma is known internationally, and even more about the situation and the misunderstandings between the IRU for which the organization is the real IRU, this is a fact that the most valid and unique official IRU is that whose president is Zoran Dimov, and the IRU which is managed exactly by Mr. Dimov.