Believing for a better future, and also highlighting the activities of the IRU on an international plan, they highlighted the opportunity of the IRU which continues to grow into a more relevant and most of  all an responsible organization when it comes to the Roma from all over the world. These facts are confirmed by the United Nations which registered the IRU as its equal member - Organization and also gave an ECOSOC Number. Also, the IRU will work and cooperate with the UN on all levels. Due to that need, during this Parliamentary Session, the IRU made a decision to open offices where the UN has its headquarters. 

3 offices are being opened for the needs of the IRU in the collaboration with the UN. They are in New York, Geneva and Wien. All of these teams are envisaged to have 7 members where 5 of them will be male Roma and 2 of them female Roma. The composition of the IRU 

The composition of the IRU-UN office in New York is:

Anatoly Butakov, Zoran Dimov, Khurram Khan, Ian Hancock, Barry Fisher, Ajten Berafla and Joseph Jones

I would like to note that Mr. Ian Hancock must decide whether he will agree to join the team and a female IRU member must also be included. 

The composition of the IRU-UN Office in Geneva is:

Agush Demirovski, Zoran Dimov, Khurram Khan, Tore Jarl Bielenberg, Daut Quilangiju, Ramush Muarem, and one more female member. 

The composition of the IRU-UN Office in Vienna is:

Stevo Radul Balog, Zoran Dimov, Khurram Khan, Rosita Gronfors, Mite Hasim, Veli Husein and one more female member.