The main topic was who would represent IRU in the EVZ Foundation from Germany, whose place was vacant in the Board of Trustees. 

At that meeting, the main representatives from the EVZ Foundation, the Chief Executive Officer Dr. Andreas Eberhadtt and the Chief of the Board Dr Harald Brown, were present.

In the interest of the Roma nation and the Roma from Europe and the world, both sides negotiated with the mediators of the EVX representatives and it was decided that Zoran Dimov will be a member of the EVZ Board in place of the IRU representative with a mandate of 1 year.

At the same time, in this historical moment, more recently for the two IRU, a Memorandum of Cooperation and Joint Action was signed between the Presidents of both IRUs and their delegates and members.

One of the more important contents of that Memorandum is that at the next Congress of IRU, a theme by Grattan Puxon and the Democratic Transition of the IRU by electronic voting is set, and will be held in 2019 in London, Britain, and both IRUs will perform together as one IRU on that Congress, which is a new and major historical victory for both IRU and all the Roma in the world.

Nordmunds Rudevics and Zoran Dimov as well as their members meet to be together and to make joint actions, for a better position of the Roma nation all over the world.