Changing the new composition of the Presidency of the IRU headed for a year and a half is Zoran Dimov and the participation of the Assembly of ERTF in Strasbourg confirmed the new status of the oldest and respectable World Roma Organization, the last day of the meeting the decision was made to forming Executive Committee ERTF, who will be one of the important pillars of the Council of Europe in Strasbourg to address Roma issues, gypsism and emigration.

This directly ERTF and all its affiliated organizations give importance to that IRU work openly, transparently and firmly in addressing all the core issues related to the Roma population.

Among other things, the Committee Chair of the ERTF Vuolsantra Miranda, President of the IRU Zoran Dimov, and among other Asmet Elezovski from NRC Lars Demetri MP from the PCER Samka Ibraimovski, Rutko Kawczinsky and others.