Within the collaborations and the further activities of the President of the IRU Zoran Dimov and the Vice President of the Gypsy Council of America California, Anatoly Butakov signed the Memorandum of Understanding between these two Roma organizations. 


This Memorandum declares that both parties will make efforts to strengthen the collaboration when it comes to Roma issues. 


This is done in order to raise their socio-economic and also their cultural and language conditions and the identity of the Roma, and to create an even stronger unity between these two organizations.


The IRU and the Gypsy Council-USA believe that the power and the successes come through collaboration between various partners, where every partner contributes with his expertise. 


However, the IRU obliges to help the Gypsy Council-USA with cultural events regarding the Roma culture and heritage. Also there must be a link between the Gypsy Council-USA and the Roma communities where the Gypsy Council - USA does not have any present branches, and to help the Gypsy Council-USA to assist these communities. 


Also, the Gypsy Council-USA obliges to connect the IRU with the Roma communities in the United States and to help the IRU to contact and to help these communities. 


The Gypsy Council obliges to help the IRU and to work with various authorities and institutions in the United States (e.g. The United Nations).