present were the other two Vice-Presidents of the IRU, Gerald Linder from Poland, and Agus Demirovski from Switzerland, Joseph Jones from the UK President of the IRU Kris (Court)  Stevo Balogh - President of the IRU Parliament from Austria, deputy Angelica Mashtakova from Italy, Vice President of the IRU Kris (Court)  Mite Hasim from Bosnia and the general Treasurer of the IRU Veli Hussein from Croatia. There were Skype communication with Grattan Puxon from Great Britain as Chairman of the DT and with Ramush Muarem - Secretary General of the IRU and also Stevo Kuzicov Sweden Vice President of the IRU Parliament.

At today's meeting in Maribor, specific guidelines about the activities of the IRU in the coming period, with emphasis, focus on implementation of the work of the 11-member Commission for a Democratic Transition and maintain regular the Parliamentary session that follows which will be hosted in Croatia and it will be held in June 2016 in Brioni.

Otherwise the IRU Cabinet does not stop here and already in the coming period 20 to 26 April, there will be appointments with institutions that are important for cooperation and those are meetings with the heads of the European Union, European Parliament, European Council, European Commission, UN in Geneva meetings in Berlin and more.