During the meeting they were familiar with the IRU as an organization and at the same time, about the taken activities related to Roma issues.

By the EC's Office and department of Roma integration the representatives Ms.Lina Papamichalopoulo and Ms. Jana Balazhova introduced the Presidency of the IRU with what plans and strategies are seized by the Commission in the implementation of projects that are closely related to Roma. Both sides gave commitments to extend for contacts and coordination in the implementation of these and future plans by the IRU as a relevant task they have to make more pressure in countries who don't give special attention to major projects for the Roma communites, with emphasis on the pressure on national coordinators in those countries that implement the projects.

Furthermore, the future of this fruitful and constructive meeting concluded by the IRU and the European Commission to make greater coordination and more frequent contacts to ascertain all times during the execution of implementation of these projects. Both sides expressed their pleasure for a constructive approach and to resolve possible inconsistencies in the realizations of projects for the benefit of the Roma population in the countries from where they come from.