The meeting was organized in collaboration with the Forum for National Minorities (Minderheden Forum). At the meeting Mrs. Kim Jansens was present from the office responsible for Roma and Sinti, and the director of the Forum Mr. Wouter Van Bellingen. After the presentation of the IRU by the President Mr.Zoran Dimov and their activities and responsibilities. The forum was also prepared in every way to cooperate with the IRU to help the Roma community in this part of Europe. A conclusion was adopted to appoint Mr. Imer Kajtazi as a IRU Delegate from Belgium, who is a prominent Roma in Brussels - Belgium.

In cooperation with the IRU, and the Minderheden Forum, they will establish a Roma network, which will make action plans and cooperation to solve the problems of Roma in this part of Europe, in coordination with Mr.Imer Kajtazi's organization "Romano Dzhivdipa" and Roma Network organizations from Belgium.