A regular Plenary Session of MEPs will be held today in Brussels (30 January 2019) in the European Parliament. Within this session, an event will be held that will also mark the Day of Remembrance the Holocaust.

It is important to point out that the President of the International Roma Union - IRU, Mr. Zoran Dimov, as well as the IRU Vice President Anatoly Butakov was invited from the President of the European Parliament, Mr. Antonio Tajani. They will take part and at the same time will present the Strategic Framework prepared by IRU, as well as the adopted Strategic Resolutions also adopted by IRU.

At the same time, a meeting will be held between the EP presidents and the IRU, and will exchange views on further joint cooperation.

Within the celebration of the memory of the Holocaust, Dimov will have the opportunity for his short presentation in honor of this day.

Otherwise, during this event, there are announcements for short bilateral meetings between the senior leadership of IRU and other enthusiastic officials from this European institution.