For better coordination and activities related to the work of the International Roma Union - IRU, and better coordination with members of IRU from the Russian Federation, the office in Moscow is officially opened day after day.   

This significant act for IRU was marked by the IRU President Zoran Dimov, as well as IRU member Anatoly Butakov.   

As both of them informed, this is another step forward in the operation of IRU around the world.   

Otherwise, the IRU office in Moscow, whose boss is Anatoly Butakov, will have the task, except for members of IRU from Russia to have coordination and work with other countries from the region such as Georgia, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Armenia, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan and other former states of ex Soviet Union.   

In this way, IRU's commitment to the presence of delegates from all regions of the world and to a higher resolution of all priority issues when it comes to the Roma nation everywhere is strengthened.