She immediately went to work with reports by delegates for her past activities in both their countries and for cooperation with the EVZ, the Council of World Churches in Geneva, and finally with the offices of the IRU, the cooperation with the UN and their Seats in New York, Geneva and Vienna.

Anatoly Butakov spoke on behalf of New York. at the same time Aguh Demirovski's rally for the office in Geneva, and to define the team of the IRU office for Vienna.

The same was raised at a higher level of cooperation between the IRU and the WCC - Council of the World Churches, where the IRU delegates supported the draft memorandum of cooperation between IRU and WCC

Particularly distinguished is the decision of the Romano Kris of IRU, to form the International Board of Roma Chris, to create their own Code of Conduct and Status.

At the same time, all IRU adopted the report by Mr. Grattan Puxon on DT and the delegates also voted that the DT Commission is given a 6-month deadline to establish its own commission to consider whether Congress can be organized in 2019 or it should be prolonged for another date.

On the sidelines of the event, a ten-member IRU delegation before the holding of the Parliamentary Meeting was also received by the Mayor of Helsingborg, Mr. Mats Sander