That is why the head of the IRU Traditional Roma Kris in the name of the valid Kris members sent him a letter where he demands an explanation in which way he organized this Congress of the IRU 71, as well as demanding a valid registration, statutory decision, etc. The Kris will undertake all of the statutory obligations in order to initiate a procedure and to penalize Mr. Dorin for this illegal act. 

According to the IRU Statute, the one and only valid IRU is the one which has headquarters and is registered in Wien, Austria, who's Kris headquarters are in Sweden and which has its valid ECOSOC number and Registration in the UN, who's President is Zoran Dimov. 

Also, the upcoming Congress of the IRU is announced to be held on the 5th of August in 2019 in London, United Kingdom where the new leadership will be elected through an Democratic Transition and the electronic voting system which already has around 4.000 registered voters all around the world. 

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