Due to previous misunderstandings and adjustments of opinions of the IRU which was separated, as well as the empty place within the Board of Trustees of the EVZ foundation, after a previous coordination and overall great engagement of all members and delegates of the IRU, through communication and discussions, I am honored to inform you that this chapter is successfully closed which will now be of great benefit for the Roma nation.


Actually, the date 23.01.2018 will enter the history of the IRU as a very good and as a positive example, that through dialog and understanding, many problems and misunderstandings can be solved.


Actually, during the meeting in the Office of the EVZ Foundation in Berlin, a meeting was held with all of the relevant stakeholders. The meeting was attended by us as the IRU and I was its representatives as the President of the IRU, together with our Delegate Mr. Roman Chojnacki from Poland as well as our lawyer Dr. Frank Reppenhagen from Germany, and on the other side was IRU - Latvia represented by its President Nordmund Rudevics from Latvia, Gruia Bumbu from Romania, Ivan Bariev from Russia, Vasiliy Dragoi from Moldova and their lawyer from the USA Barry Fisher, together with the two most responsible individuals from the EVZ Foundation - the Director Dr. Andreas Eberhardt and the Head of the Board Dr. Harald Braun.


We achieved a historical agreement and which resulted in filling in the empty position within the Board of Trustees in the EVZ Foundation, and as a representative of the IRU, I Zoran Dimov have been appointed as a member of the board, with a mandate of 1 year.


Actually, this is a great success for both of the IRUs and a joint victory. More importantly this is of benefit for both of the IRUs and that they will act together as one IRU for mutual interests, and most importantly for the good of all Roma.


Also, a memorandum of understanding was signed, where the goal is to have a joint act at the following Congress of the IRU in London in 2019, where we will act together and give joint candidates for the positions within the Presidency of the IRU.




This is a great joint success of all of the delegates and members of the IRU which truly deserved this achieved agreement.

Now, we're left off to continue with joint forces and to raise the voice of the Roma people on a much higher level whenever we can.


You yourself know that the next step is to achieve what we've been waiting and expecting for so long, and that is to re-register and to renew the ECOSOC Number within the UN in New York which will be the crown of the past and current activities of the delegates and members of the IRU.


All of us are well informed with the slogan of the IRU - Together we are stronger - The IRU is one - we are all IRU!


Sincerely yours,

Zoran Dimov

President of the IRU